Hosting Plan

$3.00 / month and a $30.00 sign-up fee

How the website migration will work:

Once you pay this $30 sign up fee (to transfer the site) and begin your hosting subscription, it’s very important that you don’t make any changes to your website until the whole process is completed or the changes you make will be lost on your old hosting account.

As soon as we receive payment, we’ll begin the transfer process. Once the host files are in the new location we’ll send you an email with instructions to update your name servers to the new hosting account.

Once your name servers are updated, your site will be able to connect and begin working as soon as the name servers finish propagating.


Hosting with Wodobo will provide you with a full cPanel account that comes with free email accounts that you can create in your cPanel. The credit card you use to purchase this hosting will debit your card $3 every month. You can cancel anytime. The $3/mo charge includes hosting + a free SSL (upon request). Additional features and services may be requested separate from the hosting.

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