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we're saying the quiet part out loud

…and hopefully, in doing so, we’ll be able to save a lot of business owners from bloated recurring costs of traditional SEO, and put them on the path to having control and transparency over their SEO.
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what we’re doing & why

This isn’t a popular position to take, but we’ve found that the services, that most traditional SEO companies sell, are like a bags of chips where 75% of it is just air. So we’re on a mission to give people permission to stop losing money and focus their resources, time and energy on things that will provide real value and real ROI.

common SEO pitfalls:

If you’ve purchased SEO services in the past, chances are these pitfalls won’t be new to you.

While we understand that there are a handful of “good ones” out there in the SEO world, even some of those are still promoting practices that perpetuate misconceptions that literally hurt small businesses.

When you direct your capital, time, and resources effectively, what you can accomplish just increases.

While there is some value to traditional SEO services, it’s important to know where that value ends so you can direct your resources to other more beneficial services.

So what's the solution?

misleading promises

Ranking #1 only means something if you’re being ranked for something that your customers are only actually searching for.

6 month trap

Too many people pay monthly for services that don’t actually provide value hoping for the carrot at the end of a 6 month cycle only to be told the new carrot is another 6 months away.

backlink dilemma

Backlink network sales are as cringy as buying followers. It gives you a temporary appearance of status, but ultimately breaks down and can even hurt you.


We believe that traditional SEO prices are set higher because they need to get their money’s worth before customers wise up and churn out. We also believe that if you’re priced right and providing real value then people will stick around.

the answer to bad SEO
is real SEO.

Real SEO skips over the old and tired “tricks” geared towards tricking Google into temporarily thinking your site is has value. Instead, it creates a strategic and actionable plan to help you generate value and make lasting connections in your space.

real SEO service can help you meet your company's goals in a few ways:

start with the right foundation

own your keywords

build your own network

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And don't worry. You won't get any high pressure sales. We'd love to just get to know more about your company and see if what we offer can help you meet your business's goals.


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