Web Services Retainer 2017 (6mo) 4hrs @ $110/hr

$440.00 / month for 6 months

Custom 6 month retainer. 4 Hours/month for 6 months at $110/hour.

Successful checkout and payment of one of the retainer plans below constitute as acceptance for the terms on the Retainer Terms and Conditions page for a period of 6 months. By completing payment for this product/service you also guarantees that you have the full authority to enter into this agreement and to bind your respective party to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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Components of Retainer:


  1. Weekly meetings (either phone, text, email, or in person) required to discuss needs, actions, deliverables, and plans.
  2. The initial weeks of the engagement will consist primarily of Discovery efforts to investigate into the goals, outcomes, timelines and requirements in order to arrive at a high-level approach, scope, and schedule of work for the course of the project.
  3. Guaranteed response time of 1 business day (response time, not execution time).
  4. Time needed, beyond the selected plan in a given month, will be billed separately at the end of the month at a rate based on  $115 per hour.
  5. Time needed beyond hours in a given month will be subject to Wodobo Design’s availability given existing schedule and commitments.
  6. When changes require working with 3rd party contracted developers or tools, Wodobo Design will be responsible for researching, identifying and coordinating efforts with developers. Payment for 3rd party solutions will be paid for by Client directly to the third party vendor.


  1. Client understands that this engagement does not guarantee specific outcomes as a result of this engagement. Work will be completed and delivered as agreed upon throughout the course of the project.
  2. Client will be responsible for providing all original content and (i.e. photos, copy, blog posts, etc).
  3. Expenses for fonts & other asset licenses would be billed separately, with prior approval by Client.
  4. Time accrual may vary from week to week and may be subject to availability. Time accrual totals will be provided upon request.
  5. Reserved hours not used in a given month do not carry over into subsequent months.
  6. Any short term or last minute requests that require work after normal business hours will be counted double. (i.e. One hour after hours = Two hours of retainer time)
  7. In the event that additional team members become available to work on the partnership, We may recommend adding resources and speeding up the process thus updating the monthly hours and price point. This would be mutually agreed to in writing in the format of a Change Order before any decision is finalized. Such a Change Order may also alter the Period of this Agreement.
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Retainer Options

2 Hours/month (125/hr), 5 Hours/month (110/hr), 10 Hours/month (95/hr), 15 Hours/month (90/hr), 20 Hours/month (85/hr), 40 Hours/month (80/hr)

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